John Barton 

Chief Executive Officer John Barton

John Barton's resume spans nearly two decades of experience at the highest level within the financial sector.

Barton started his business career in the city of London in 1994 as a cash equity trader for Smith New Court/Merrill Lynch. During his time at the company, his trading focused on the oil and gas sector. He worked alongside top industry analysts involved in the risk analysis and research of all levels of corporate balance sheets from start-ups to major corporations, and rose to the level of director.

In July, 2001, Barton was headhunted to co-head the Pan European TMT Trading Desk at the then-number-one-rated Deutsche Bank. He was primarily responsible for client facilitation and risk management of Deutsche's own capital, dealing directly with some of the world's largest global institutions and hedge fund managers on a daily basis.

In March, 2003, Barton left to pursue other interests including a two-year partnership with Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin Unite charity. Barton returned to investment banking in December, 2010 and worked for Barclays Capital as a cash equity trader and head of the industrial sector, including aerospace and defense stocks. Mr. Barton was fully FSA approved throughout his investment-banking career.


Kurt Reinecke 

Chief Operating Officer Kurt Reinecke

Kurt Reinecke holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Christian University in Geology, and a Master of Science degree in Geology from Kansas State Univeristy. Mr. Reinecke launched his career in 1984, when he took a job as a wellsite geologist with Apex Mudlogging.

Nine months later, Mr. Reinecke became an exploration geologist with Denver-based Barrett Resources Corp. In the 1980s and 90s, Mr. Reinecke was a key member of the team that discovered and developed basin center tight gas in the Piceance Basin. He was also responsible for several successful high-volume gas wells in structurally complex regions of the Midcontinent.

In 2002, Mr. Reinecke became a founding member of Bill Barrett Corporation, where he rose to executive vice president of exploration, a position he held until 2013. Mr. Reinecke was a decisive decision maker and gained extensive experience with new technology, creating budgets, evaluating opportunities, managing personnel, and dealing with industry regulations. A major duty was to identify and clear roadblocks that prevented the execution of the company's budget plans. Ultimately, he directed a staff of 26 professionals and served on the Chairman's Committee. At the time of his departure Mr. Reinecke was directly responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of cash flow, and directing the creation of two on going high-potential horizontal oil exploration projects.

In January of 2013, Mr. Reinecke became president of Arrow Peak Minerals & Royalty LLC in Lakewood, Colorado – a position he holds today. In this position, Mr. Reinecke acts as a geologic consultant and project reviewer. He also guides oil and gas projects to completion.


Dan Hall 

Exploration Manager Dan Hall

As a 1978 graduate of the Colorado School of Mines, Mr. Hall began his impressive 35-year career in the petroleum industry while still in college, working part-time as an engineering assistant for the Coastal Oil and Gas Corporation in Denver Colorado. Upon completing his Bachelor of Science degree, he was promoted to the position of petroleum engineer. Mr. Hall's wide-ranging professional experience encompasses drilling, production, and reservoir engineering in locales that include Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, New Mexico, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Kansas.

In 1990, Mr. Hall founded Denver-based Energy Operating Company, Inc., a firm that specializes in oil and gas operations as well as property evaluation. Energy Operating Company, Inc. offers clients diverse expertise in all aspects of the oil and gas industry, and provides contract services for the day-to-day operation of approximately 150 wells throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.

Prior to that, Mr. Hall served as operations manager of The Gary-Williams Company in Denver, Colorado. In this position, he oversaw drilling and production activity in the Rocky Mountain Region, including the supervision of approximately 40 field employees at three locations. In addition, he was responsible for more than 500 wells. During his tenure at Gary-Williams, Mr. Hall was called upon to use his extensive knowledge of state and federal regulatory agencies, as well his expertise in directional drilling, inhibited muds, combating lost circulation, air drilling, extreme deviation areas, and deep high-pressure prospects for purposes of prospecting and property evaluation for sites in the Rocky Mountains, California, and Nevada. As petroleum engineer, he was also charged with drilling and production activity for Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. A one-year stint in Bell Creek, Montana led to extensive involvement in water flood and enhanced recovery projects, as well as routine lease and equipment maintenance. From 1980 to 1982, through his work as senior engineer for the Denver-based Resources Investment Corporation, Mr. Hall garnered valuable experience in deep, high-pressure operations that included high-density drilling and completion fluids, live-well work-overs, and blowout detection and prevention.

In September, 1987, Mr. Hall co-authored “Steerable System Saves Time in Straight-Hole Drilling,” an article for the venerated industry publication, Petroleum Engineer International.


Roy A. Moore 

Company Landman Roy A. Moore

Roy A. Moore's career as a landman began with a position as a staff landman and seismograph coordinator for Utah-based Wolverine Gas and Oil Corporation. During his time at Wolverine, Mr. Moore was responsible for lease buying, mineral title research/ownership reports, lease take-off research, drilling title opinion curative for a 500,000+ acre, multi-county play with 26 producing oil wells. In addition to these duties, he also handled many specialized assignments, including seismograph operations (2D & 3D), damage claim resolution, and wildlife surveys.

Mr. Moore used the valuable experience he gained from his time with Wolverine Gas and Oil to found his own company, RAM Land Services, LLC. Founded in 2012 in Richfield, Utah, RAM Land Services provides full, turn-key land services in a current 200,000+ acre play in the Central Utah Overthrust. RAM's clients currently have one producing well with two additional wells permitted. In his role as company owner/client representative/senior landman, Mr. Moore is supervising a staff of up to 25 professional landmen whose responsibilities include lease buying, mineral title research/ownership reports, abstracting, and drilling title opinion curative. Mr. Moore's company also handles leasing database management, well site acquisitions and negotiations, permitting, subcontractor supervision – including surveying, road construction, and fencing.

Prior to his work as a landman, Mr. Moore had a successful career as a paralegal and business consultant. In this role, he used his extensive financial and business expertise to provide clients with business structuring, liability protection, and estate planning services. Mr. Moore also worked 12 consecutive years as an Airline manager in domestic and international locations.

Mr. Moore is a member of the American Association of Professional Landmen. His educational background includes coursework at Snow College in Richfield, Utah; Ashworth College in Reno, Nevada; and Utah Valley Technical College in Orem, Utah.